Feed The Needy Thanksgiving Dinner

Wondering where our next meal is coming from is something most of us never have to worry about, however, it's a constant concern. Thanks to the continued support of businesses, religious organizations, corporate sponsors and individual members of our community, we will help  thousands of hungry children and adults who rely on assistance from programs like the Feed the Needy Thanksgiving Dinner.

There is an immediate need in our own communities and we need your help - right now - more than ever before.

A contribution to this all-volunteer program means your money goes to help feed the community a Pre-Thanksgiving meal! The only administrative expenses are for the production of printed materials and mailing costs. All money collected stays in our community and is used for the purchase of food, beverages, and eating utensils.

We already know the need this year will be greater because of current economic conditions.

Even the smallest contribution - combined with others - will help feed the community.

As we launch our campaign this year, we are asking you to lend a helping hand. Remember, every dollar counts - please help us feed as many as you can.