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Second Chance Program

Open Hand Community Outreach, Inc. provides a safe and encouraging environment for former inmates to successfully make a transition back into society when they are released from prison. 

Bringing Hope in Hopeless Situations

Just because someone is living behind bars, does not mean they are not free. It is not uncommon to find those in prison who are more free than many who live outside in what we call society. You can see it in their eyes; there is light, life, and the freedom that only God himself can produce. Rather than being in hopeless prison situations, God has demonstrated that his power is made perfect in weakness.

Open Hand Community Outreach, Inc. reaches out to prisoners not only while they are in prison, but afterwards as well, when they are trying to integrate back into society. We seek to disciple them and bring about the full transformation of character that only true faith in Jesus Christ can provide. We desire to assist them in fulfilling God's calling for their lives, whether in prison or out of prison.

To get involved with OHCO transitional program, you can pray, volunteer, donate or any combination of these methods.